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Manta Ray T-shirts

When we saw the BBC Natural World Program ‘Andrea Queen of Mantas’ we were just blown away. The program induced both joy and sadness in equal measures. The beauty of these animals is breathtaking but they are in decline and it will be up to Andrea, likeminded scientist and activists from around the world to ensure the sustainability of the world’s Manta rays . With the discovery of the species of the Giant Manta, Andrea also discovered that these animals are highly migratory and, unlike the reef manta, travel vast distances. The migratory nature of the giant manta does change the nature of the conservation efforts. No longer is it enough to lobby local governments to protect these animals; a global effort is now required.

The program gripped us here at Freebreather and we thought that we needed to do something to support Andrea’s research and conservation efforts. Here at Freebreather we are rubbish scientists but we do make a nice t-shirt so we didn’t think twice about designing and selling a t-shirt in aid of Andrea’s invaluable work. When the shirt was first presented to Andrea she said: “I just love the Giantfish logo, which is the name of our website, it’s easy on the eye as well as easy to remember. The ‘Ray of Hope’ motive with the two barrel-rolling mantas on the back looks fantastic and is a stylish and effective way to raise awareness.”

Unlike some companies, we are giving Andrea ALL the profits that are generated from the sale of the t-shirt making this a complete not-for-profit operation. We strongly urge you to log on to Andrea’s website to find out what else you can do to support this cause, because as divers you may be able to make a valuable contribution to the research. But please... order your Giantfish shirt first. You won’t regret it.


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